Touring Guide to Princes' Island: A Dream Place for Tourists
Nov 10, 2023 By Sean William

Turkey is one of the most famous touring countries all over the world. Millions of people from Europe and other countries visit Turkey yearly, making it one of the busiest tourist spots. It is famous for its Cappadocia Hot Air Balloons, Pamukkale's Thermal Springs, and Princes' Islands.

I want to say, 'When in Turkey, visit what locals visit'; yes, I am talking about Princes' Island. It is one of the most anticipated spots by tourists and locals. Let me be your guide on Princes' Island, Istanbul: How to Reach, Best time and tips.

Things to Know about Princes' Island, Istanbul

Well, visiting and exploring Princes' Island is intriguing and dreamy. However, the thrill is doubled when you have basic knowledge of history, the correct route to take, the best time to visit, and some tips to enjoy your time there.

Well, what are you waiting for? Take your notepad and write the secrets I will tell you regarding the Princes' Islands.

Basics & History of Princes' Islands

Although you can hire a touring guide, having personal knowledge about the place can save you from scams and spending extra bucks. So, Princes' Island is a cluster of nine Islands in the Marmara Sea on the Asian Coast of Istanbul. Among these nine, only four of them are operational and seek visitors.

These four Islands are Buyukada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kinaliada. In the past, when a prince or any official person was accused of treason, these islands were to exile them. Now, these Islands are famous tourist spots for millions of people.

Its popularity is the ban on vehicles, which provides a serene environment to tourists and locals. No pollution exists on these Islands; the fresh air and scenery mesmerize your eyes.

Distance of Princes' Island from Istanbul

If you are wondering about Istanbul to Princess Island's distance, it is about 51.8km from Istanbul Airport. The exact location of these Islands is Adalar, Istanbul, Turkey (40.8741° N, 29.0899° E). It takes around 90-120 minutes from Istanbul to reach there, depending on the speed and timing of the ferry.

How to Get to Princes' Island

First, you must take a cab to Kabatas if you reside in Istanbul city. The traveling time from the airport to Kabatas is half an hour. Kabatas is where you can book a ride or ferry for the islands.

Note that the only way from Istanbul to Princes' Island is by booking a passage on a ferry. Now, for securing a ferry, remember its traveling time and speed. Some ferries are slow and take 100 minutes to get to the islands.

Some ferries offer exceptional timings even with stops, and they will drop you in 60 minutes. Now, talking about the Istanbul to Princes' Island ferry price, the shorter the traveling time is, the higher the ferry price.

Best Time to Visit Princes' Island, Istanbul

When you visit a crowded tourist spot, look for when there is less crowd. For visiting Princes' Island, the best time is between April to October. Especially the summertime is worth watching there. During these months, the crowds are fewer, and you will find ferry rides quickly and cheaply.

The weather in June and July is comfortable enough to let you walk around. Moreover, local visitors are loaded during the other parts of the year, and the spot is hustling with population. If you visit there in winter, the climate is harsh, and you cannot enjoy riding a bike or walking freely in a chilly breeze.

In short, moderate weather is best for visiting these beautiful Islands. During spring and summer, you can witness Princes' Island's natural flora and fauna and capture memories through colorful photos.

Tips to Visit Princes' Island, Istanbul

Choosing Right Ferry

One of the most essential tips is choosing the right ferry to take you to the Island in less time. The best time is to take the first ferry in the early morning; it is less crowded and fast. Similarly, for returning, take the last ferry of the day, completing your one-day trip to Princes' Island in the best way.

Renting a Bike or Horse Cart

As I have mentioned earlier, the Islands have a ban on motor vehicles. So, for exploring the islands, book a bike or horse cart (fayton) as soon as you step down from the ferry. If you go there early in the morning, then due to less crowd, the renting prices are low for bikes, and during peak hours, the renting price elevates to double.

Cycle Around Island

Once you find your way inside the Island, take your time with any tourist to guide you. This will only waste your time. Do your homework before going there, mark the places you want to visit and cycle around the Island to enjoy the pureness of local culture. Among the four islands' tourist favorite and best-rated are Heybeliada and Büyükada.

Visit Aya Yorgi Church

Buyukada Island is the largest Island among all four. The most famous century-old church on the hilltop is Aya Yorgi Church. It is a sacred place for Orthodox Christians and is renowned for its history and cultural touch. Visit there, spend time with locals, and see how they pray and worship in their routines.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all about Princes' Islands, Istanbul: how to reach them, best time and tips. You can visit all four islands one day or per Island one day. Give this trip four days to make the most out of it. Book your ferry wisely, try their delicious seafood, and visit famous tourist spots and beaches. Lastly, remember to wander around the islands to enjoy the wilderness.

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