Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide - All You Need To Know
Nov 22, 2023 By Sean William

Are you looking for a destination for your next vacation but have a low budget and want to explore a less expensive place? Don't worry, I'm going to tell you a place with amazing sites to explore which costs you less than other places.

Vietnam's city, Ho Chi Minh, is relatively cheaper than others, so tourists can enjoy a wonderful holiday without any hesitation. The reason for the city's popularity is the past history of wars and colonial building architecture built by the earlier French Emperor.

In this article, you'll read the detailed Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide.

Ho Chi Minh City Overview

Ho Chi Minh City, also known as Saigon, City became a tourist attraction because it has many war museums that reflect the era of war in Vietnam. Apart from that, it's a main commercial business hub. According to the research, Saigon is slowly becoming the biggest fleet-growing city in Asia and has more modern development cities than European cities.

Use the Ho Chi Minh travel map to avoid getting lost. Tourists should try the local food which they can find on the streets randomly. The taste of local cuisine is so delicious that you can't hold yourself eating it again and again. While roaming around the city, you'll see the modern and Old classic combination of architectural buildings. At one time, you can feel both eras.

How to reach?

Tourists can reach Vietnam from all around the world by just purchasing a ticket to fly. If you're traveling for only 15 days, then you don't need a Visa for it, but if your travel days extend above fifteen days, you have to apply for a Visa. For further information, visit your nearest Vietnam embassy.

From Vietnam, tourists reach Ho Chi Minh City by traveling by bus or train. Traveling by train or bus, both are comfortable because Vietnam has developed transportation facilities. The Sleeper AC train price is $68, and the VIP Railway sleeper charges $34 for each person. Bus prices are also low according to the routes.

Suitable Time

For the Ho Chi Minh City tour, tourists should visit the city in the months of April to November. Because in December the weather gets too cold and in June it gets too hot. Avoid visiting the city in October because October is a rainy month, so on rainy days, you can't get to see the city much.

If you want to visit the city without the rush of other visitors, you should go at the unusual time when there is no crowd, like December, June, July, or August. However, get ready to hear the loud noise and busy streets and roads with scooters, as it's a bit of a busy city.

Must To Do Things In Ho Chi Minh City

Although the city has various tourist points while visiting Saigon, here are the ten most bewitching places to see.

War Museum

War Museum is full of all the effects of the Vietnam War. Those who have only heard about it will not be able to shake off its impact for some time. Saigon has many war museums that don't let the world forget the atrocities committed on it in history.

Walking Street - Nguyen Hue

Not only tourists this street is also crowded with the local residents. People love to walk here and buy balloons, snacks, and cotton candy to eat. The new year countdown is also held here. Moreover, many people did their wedding photoshoots.

Pink Church

Tan Dinh Church, known as the Pink Church, is the perfect place to get amazing photographs. Generally, tourists get snaps for their social accounts. Unique Pink Church is located near many famous destinations so that you can see it easily.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Visit this place with a Ho Chi Minh city travel guide. He'll take you under the tunnel and tell you its war history, how these tunnels were made to defeat the Americans, and you'll also see the guns that were used in the war.

Central Post Office

In Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guide 2023, this is the must-watch place. This magnificent post office building reflects the old French architecture. It's a worth watching place to walk around and take photos. You can see the building from the inside, too.

Jade Emperor Pagoda

This temple is dedicated to the gatekeeper of paradise, God Taoist. There are many other gods, but ladies especially came to pray for a child by rubbing their stomachs on the ground.

Pho - Noodles Soup

During your visit, you should try the popular traditional noodle soup known as Pho in Saigon. Tourists can find these noodles from any stall and restaurant, but for a delicious taste, Di Bo Bui Vien is recommended.

Ben Thanh Market

Famous market hub in Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can buy anything from the market as it has a large variety of shops. But this market is very expensive compared to the local market.

Bitexco Financial Tower

If you want to see a beautiful view of the entire city, then you should look from the top floor of the Bitexco Financial Tower. From here, you will see a fascinating view of Ho Chi Minh City. One of the best things to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Opera House

Visit the Opera House, which is based on the structure of classical colonial architecture, and watch its famous show, "A O Show." Outside is a seating area where people can sit and admire the beauty of this magnificent building.


With the help of a guide, explore the city on a bike. Trust me, this is the worth of watching this vibrant city crowded with people and stunning historical buildings. Visitors can shop in many markets in Ho Chi Minh City, where the price of items is much lower than in other markets, and you can buy many traditional items and things related to the city and various things related to the war, like small statues, etc.