6 Best Bird-Watching Tours in India And Tour Packages
Jan 26, 2024 By Juliana Daniel

Bird-watching is surely an excellent hobby for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. And when it comes to avian adventures, few places on Earth can match the breathtaking diversity and sheer beauty of India. It has varied landscapes that are home to the world's most sought-after bird-watching destinations.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey through bird-watching sites in India. And will unveil the best bird-watching tours in India that are a treat to the passionate birder in you. So, let’s get started without any delay!

Best Bird-Watching Tours In India - A Biodiverse Country

With its unparalleled geographic diversity, India has magnificent avian life’s beauty. It has the Himalayan peaks and the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, therefore offering a unique habitat for our feathered friends.

But what makes bird watching in India truly extraordinary goes beyond the topography. It's a cultural phenomenon that is dynamic and deeply rooted. Moreover, the study of birds is a scientific endeavor of paramount importance, contributing significantly to our understanding of biodiversity and ecosystem health.

The popularity of the best bird-watching sites in India has surged in recent years, attracting enthusiasts from around the globe. The reasons are manifold – the thrill of discovery and nature's serenity. And obviously, the opportunity to contribute to conservation efforts.

Best Destination to Explore for Best Bird-Watching in India

In this section, we will unfold the best bird-watching sites in India. You should definitely visit them during your bird-watching trips in India.

Let's have a look!

1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary -A Wetland Habitat

This bird sanctuary is located in the heart of Rajasthan; the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that amazes bird watchers with its enchanting wetlands. This park, once a hunting ground for royalty, has transformed into a haven for migratory and resident birds.

Bharatpur witnesses an avian spectacle every winter as thousands of waterfowl, including the graceful Siberian cranes. The park's intricate network of lakes, marshes, and grasslands provides the perfect setting to observe these birds in their natural habitat. It is also worth mentioning here that the total number of bird species found here is 375.

Kaziranga National Park - Lush Forests

In the northeastern state of Assam lies Kaziranga National Park, celebrated for its conservation efforts to protect the endangered Indian one-horned rhinoceros. However, this park is not just about rhinos; it's also a bird watcher's paradise.

The park's sprawling grasslands and lush forests are home to over 480 bird species. The avian treasures found in this park are the Bengal florican, swamp francolin, and Pallas's fish eagle. The Himalayan beauty will leave you in awe when you move through the park's trails. And one thing more, don’t forget to take the best binoculars for bird watching in India along with you.

Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir: A Himalayan Haven for Birders

This bird sanctuary is present in the northernmost part of. Ladakh is known for its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. While it may be more renowned for its snow-capped mountains and Tibetan monasteries, this high-altitude region is also a hidden gem for bird watchers.

The months of May to September mark the prime birding season in Ladakh. The region hosts a variety of migratory birds, including the elegant Black-necked Crane, Bar-headed Goose, and Brown-headed Gull. These high-altitude wetlands, such as Tso Kar and Tso Moriri, provide crucial breeding grounds for these beautiful birds.

In addition to migratory species, Ladakh is home to residents like the Himalayan Snowcock, Tibetan Snowfinch, and the enigmatic Ibisbill. The ravishing beauty of Ladakh, with its sparse vegetation and pristine lakes, makes bird watching here a unique and surreal experience.

Pong Dam, Himachal Pradesh: A Wetland Wonderland

Pong Dam, is a man-made reservoir in the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This spectacular wetland is a paradise for bird enthusiasts, drawing migratory birds from Central Asia and Siberia.

From October to March, the winter months see an influx of waterfowl, making it the ideal time for bird-watching at Pong Dam. Bird species like the Great Crested Grebe, Northern Pintail, Bar-headed Geese, and various ducks and waders can be spotted here.

The tranquil waters of the reservoir are fringed with lush grasslands and forests, creating a diverse habitat for avian visitors. Moreover, well-maintained watchtowers and boat rides in Pong Dam offer bird watchers a chance to get the best views.

5. Northern Region of Northern Bengal: A Verdant Retreat

The northern region of West Bengal, encompassing areas like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and the Dooars, is a lesser-known but vibrant bird-watching destination in India. The lush tea gardens, dense forests, and serene hill stations provide diverse habitats for various bird species.

The forests have species like the Rufous-necked Hornbill, Ward's Trogon, and the vibrant Scarlet Minivet. The lowland areas, including Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary and Gorumara National Park, are home to the Indian Peafowl, Oriental Pied Hornbill, and various eagles and vultures.

Moreover, the picturesque landscapes of Darjeeling and Kalimpong offer an opportunity to spot the Himalayan Monal, Satyr Tragopan, and other pheasants amidst the rhododendron-filled forests.

6. Thattekad Bird Sanctuary - Great for Photography

Thattekad is located in Kerala's serene backwaters. It is surely a hidden treasure for bird lovers. Also known as the "Birdman of India," the late Dr. Salim Ali, a renowned ornithologist, praised this sanctuary for its incredible diversity of birds.

Additionally, in the emerald forest, you can encounter the drongo cuckoo, emerald green pigeons, and the rare Sri Lanka frogmouth. The tranquil ambiance of Thattekad is perfect for bird photographers seeking to capture these winged wonders in their natural habitat.

Bird-Watching Tour Operators in India

Now, let's take a look at some famous bird-watching tour operators in India. Each of these offers a range of packages that cater to different preferences and budgets:

  • Rockjumper Birding Tour: Provide you with great guides. So, having the proper guidance will assist in enhancing the quality of your trip.
  • WINGS Birding Tours: They offer long tours of almost a fortnight. So you can get a chance to explore multiple ecosystems.
  • Eagle Eye Holidays: Offers a range of bird watching and wildlife tours, with an emphasis on responsible tourism.
  • Jungle Lore Birding Tours: Focuses on providing authentic birding experiences in remote and offbeat locations.

When selecting a tour, consider your level of birding experience, the specific bird species you hope to see, and the region of India you want to explore. Researching customer reviews and asking for recommendations from fellow birders can also help you make an informed decision.


Well, that’s all about the best bird-watching tours in India. Hopefully, it has given you all the information you’ve been hunting for. You should definitely need to add all of these amazing spots to your bucket list.

Moreover, try to visit these places at the best time. If you visit a bird sanctuary when migratory birds visit, you can watch more birds. So, pack your bag, book your ticket, and get ready to embark on this exhilarating journey. And a pro tip: don’t forget to keep the best binoculars for bird watching in India.