Splendid Villas Stay In Alibaug For Tourists
Nov 22, 2023 By Sean William

Alibaug is a prominent destination to spend your holidays. It is famous for its divine beaches but also known for its various luxurious Villas. People have a wonderful experience staying in these charming villas modified with modern amenities and breathtaking architecture.

Tourists specifically came to see these drop-dead villas in Alibaug and prefer to rent a luxury villa stay in Alibaug instead of a hotel. Living in these gorgeous villas away from the city noise and busy work routine calms down the tourists.

Get detailed information about some of the most unique & beautiful villas in Alibaug for your next holiday stay. Let's begin!

6 Most Bewitching Villas Of Alibaug

Balmy Bliss

A stunning villa covered in greenery and trees looks dreamy. This Villa near the beach is very popular among tourists as they can reach the beach in a very short time. The old-style cottage architecture of the Villa attracts the tourists towards it.

Equipped with all the essential facilities such as AC, Fridge, TV, and free toiletries, i.e., makes it more engaging for visitors to stay here. This vast Villa has many rooms, so it's a perfect villa stay in Alibaug for family. Also, different rooms have garden and pool views; you can book your favorite one.

Balmy Bliss has a private pool where you can swim or just lay down and have a relaxing sunbath. Away from the city's vociferance, you should spend your holiday here and have a relaxing weekend.

El Parque

Looking for a peaceful destination to spend your holiday with no more crowds of people, then this Villa is suitable for you. Built in a modern style, this magnificent, eye-catching Villa is spread over 15 acres of land surrounded by gardens of mango trees and surrounding jungles and small hills.

Beaches close to this Villa are Varsoli Beach, Awas Beach, and Alibaug Beach, which make this Villa one of the graceful Alibaug villas near beach. You can enjoy barbeque and bonfire here. A caretaker will be provided in your package. The beautiful lighting of the Villa makes it more dreamy in the evenings.

There are five king-size bedrooms along with five bathrooms. Almost 14 guests can stay here. Visitors can play different games. There is an area for children to play games along with a longue. The starting price of the villas starts from the 37,080 INR.


After seeing this Villa, you will not need to look for any other villa; It's a luxury villa built on a magnificent landscape. Not to be missed, part of the walls of its rooms and lounge consist of large glass windows that offer a luxurious view of the garden outside.

Decorated with luxurious accommodation, it has a sitting area for tea and snacks in the garden and a private pool along with the facility of sun loungers for sunbathing. Magnificent villa stay in Alibaug price started from 51,996 INR per night.

You can also play a variety of outdoor and indoor games here. Also, in the evening, on the lawn, you can enjoy the barbecue. The lighting on the trees and table candles makes your surroundings very romantic.

Aura Villa

Aura luxury villa located at the Nandaipada cricket ground Alibaug. A huge garden area with palm trees and other tree surroundings fascinates the visitors. They offer delicious food and snacks for the tourists, and barbeque service is also available.

The gorgeous Villa has four bedrooms along with five bathrooms fully facilitated by modern amenities. There is a playroom where you can play different games. A vast pool is attached to the lounge area, parted with a huge wall window so that you can enjoy garden views from the pool and lounge.

Nearby beaches such as Alibaug Beach, Awas Beach, and Akashi Beach are a few km away from this place. You can also visit Kanakeshwar Forest, which is only 5.5 km away from the Villa. Prices start from 25,000 to 30,000 per night and increase with your package.

Magnolia Villa

Magnolia Villa fascinates visitors with its beauty located near Zirad, Alibaug. It has five bedrooms along with a garden, terrace, and a private pool. Magnolia Villa is one of the most beautiful villas in Alibaug with private pool.

A stunning villa with white walls covered in tall trees enhances its beauty. The atmosphere of this place is so peaceful and calming. They offer free parking and private parking, Wifi, and Asian breakfast to its visitors. Pets are not allowed in the Villa.

In this peaceful place, one can enjoy tea in the garden while swinging in the hammock or enjoying the breathtaking view from the terrace of the room. This luxury villa is a very good place to stay in Alibaug, and it costs almost 23,600 INR.

Casa Bella, Kashid

The magnificent Villa enthralls the visitors with its entire ambiance overlooking the beautiful mountain peak. This Villa is an unparalleled example of its very beautiful style and architecture. Large glass windows and adjoining balconies add to the beauty of this beautiful building.

It's a luxurious villa attached with an infinity pool that has hill views of Alibaug. Visitors can play many games such as carrom, table tennis, electronic dartboard, and air hockey. The perfect option for a villa stay in Alibaug for couples as its structure seems very romantic.

Kashid Beach is 30 km away from the Villa. Guest can have chef services who can cook for almost 10 to 12 guests food in 4,000 INR excluded from your package. Casa Bella Villa's price starts from 67,513 INR and increases as per your package and additional facilities.


Tourists can choose any villa stay in Alibaug for their vacation from high to an average price; there are many jaw-dropping villa options for visitors to select any one. Instead of hotels, you should try to explore these magnificent villas, this time in Alibaug, and book one of them for your next holiday to make your trip more memorable with the love of your life. I'll ensure you it'll make your vacations more special, and you'll never return to hotels after staying in these Royal Villas.

Happy holidays!