A Comprehensive Guide On Broadbeach, Gold Coast
Nov 12, 2023 By Sean William

Did you enjoy your vacation last time? If the answer is no, and this time, you want the memories and experiences to be cherished forever. Imagine roaming in a cold, warm breeze with all the adventures and good food. Then Broadbeach in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, is your go-to place.

Gold Coast is one of the country’s most frequently visited holiday destinations. Broadbeach has a lot of adventures and unique places to offer to visitors. There are so many activities to do in Broadbeach! A shopping hub and famous music festivals in the country, Broadbeach has hosted billions of tourists from all over the world.

While the beaches are famous for calmness and beauty in the world, the restaurants, bars, and cafes have become top-notch in their own right. Australia’s capital is also the gateway to a pristine hinterland and adventurous theme parks, with a year-round climate that is hard to beat; here is our guide on reaching the best time and tips.

How To Reach Broadbeach Gold Coast

Gold Coast Airport is 19 km from Broadbeach through roadways. You can normally travel to Broadbeach by two ways:

  • By Bus: Line 777 can take you to Broadbeach from the Gold Coast Airport. In 30 minutes you would be reached there.
  • By Taxi or Private Cab: Taxi or cabs are available outside the Gold Coast airport. Drives take approximately 20-25 minutes.

Best Time To Visit Broadbeach

The suburb experiences delightful and warmer weather from December to February, making it the ideal time for a visit if you're looking to bask in Broadbeach's best climate. However, keep in mind that mid-November to early December sees an influx of visitors due to the "schoolies" and festival season, resulting in higher prices for accommodations and activities.

Nonetheless, the "perfect" time for your trip ultimately depends on your preferences. Begin by prioritizing your favorite activities, and then select the most suitable time of the year. For instance, if whale watching tops your list, plan your holiday between June and October. If a family trip to a theme park is on the agenda, you might consider avoiding the summer months to benefit from lower prices and shorter ride queues.

Autumn, spanning from March to May, is also the best time to visit Broadbeach. During this period, temperatures are milder compared to the scorching summer months, and the ocean remains pleasantly warm for swimming.

Points Of Interest for Broadbeach

Various Art and Craft Stalls on the Coast

Broadbeach, a suburb renowned for its scenic beauty and vibrant atmosphere, also serves as a cultural hotspot for art lovers and a premier shopping destination on the Gold Coast. Whether you're interested in exploring local art scenes or indulging in luxury shopping, Broadbeach offers a variety of experiences to satisfy diverse tastes.

Art and Craft Markets in Broadbeach

Every Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., the Beachfront of Broadbeach transforms into a bustling hub of creativity and craftsmanship with its art and craft markets. These markets are a treasure trove for those who appreciate handmade goods and original art. Stalls are abundantly filled with unique handicrafts, stunning paintings, and intricate canvases, providing a glimpse into the local culture and artistic talent. These markets are not only a place to purchase one-of-a-kind items but also offer an opportunity to interact with the artists and crafters themselves. Alongside the art, visitors can also enjoy various food stalls, adding a delightful culinary dimension to their market experience. These markets are ideal for picking up delicate and beautiful souvenirs that embody the essence of Broadbeach.

Enjoy the Evening

Pratten Park Situated on the well-known Old Burleigh Road, Pratten Park, also known as Kurrawa Pratten Park, is an adventurous and lively spot in the heart of Broadbeach. This park is a hub of local sports, with facilities that cater to enthusiasts of rugby and soccer, making it a popular gathering place for sports lovers. Beyond sports, Pratten Park is ideal for anyone looking to spend a leisurely day outdoors. With its spacious and well-maintained areas, visitors can enjoy picnics, casual strolls, or simply relax under the shade of its many trees.

Victoria Park Victoria Park offers a stark contrast with its focus on calm and organization, making it one of the most well-maintained parks in Broadbeach. Featuring a large playground, it is a paradise for children who can spend hours enjoying the various play structures. For adults, Victoria Park is a sanctuary for health and wellness activities. It is the perfect locale for early morning jogs, yoga sessions, or even a peaceful late-night walk. The park's layout encourages long, uninterrupted walks, allowing visitors to unwind and enjoy a tranquil evening in a beautiful setting.

Getting Around On Gold Coast | Our Top Tips

Here are the topmost tips for getting around on the Gold Coast:

Packaging Tips

It is a must to include all the necessary stuff and clothes to be with us to pack for your Gold Coast trip.

Pack a swimsuit, a pair of jandals, and a suitable top. If you must spend many days in the sun, consider packing a sun protection suit with an SPF 50+ rating.

Between the parks, for walking purposes, a nice pair of shoes is absolutely a must!

If you are planning to explore the Gold Coast other than the summer, include autumn dresses, when the overall temperatures can be more relaxed. There’s also a thriving dining in this place, so pack some classy dresses.


Whether you’re saving up for your next trip or ready to splurge. Here is your idea to spend money according to your budget:

  • Backpacker-style budget: plan on $65/day
  • Mid-range budget: $157/day
  • Luxury budget: $350+/day

Event tickets

Avoid the last-minute rush by booking tickets for concerts, sporting events, and shows well in advance of your holiday. Doing so not only ensures you secure the best seats and special offers but also shields you from the disappointment of sold-out events.


Secure your lodging in advance, and you'll discover a plethora of choices at budget-friendly rates on the vibrant Gold Coast. This coastal destination boasts a wide array of accommodations, ranging from cozy hostels and convenient apartments to charming bed and breakfasts and opulent luxury resorts.


If you want to visit the Gold Coast, Broadbeach is a must-visit place to spend holidays, seek adventure, and experience many fabulous places. Among the several famous places in Broadbeach, one must see the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is renowned for organizing many international conferences and events. Broadbeach is the best location on the Gold Coast for shopping, like Pacific Fair, home of a world-famous shopping hub, cinema, and many popular restaurants.